Refrigerator Door

KraussMaffei offers a reliable door foaming and processing solution with the RotoStar drum unit. It consists of a main frame supporting a rotating drum which carries the water-heated mold carriers. Each system can be equipped with the appropriate number of mold carriers according to your individual production requirements and processing parameters, for instance regarding curing time. This system allows you to achieve shorter cycle times and to benefit from more flexibility in your production. This is emphasized by less space requirements, modular design and the ability to produce various door models.

Your benefits:

  • Short cycle times
  • Compact and space saving
  • High flexibility

The main frame of KraussMaffei's RotoStar system is made of welded and machined box section steel tubing strong enough to support the rotating drum unit including all mold carriers for foaming the doors. The drum unit consists of a horizontal hollow shaft with a disk at either end to which the door mold carriers are attached. Supply lines for the heating water and compressed air run through the hollow shaft.

The door mold carrier consists of two platens covered in aluminum plate made in machined box section steel tubing, which support the pallet and the molds for the refrigerator doors.

The temperature is regulated in the water temperature control unit connected to the RotoStar via a rotating coupling and a manual valve block. Therefore, system maintenance is simplified substantially.

The fixtures and the drum are moved by a hydraulic cylinder or by an electric motor with a gear unit. The use of a hydraulic proportional valve enables you to adjust acceleration and deceleration profiles and ensures a smooth rotation speed. One or two mixing head manipulators can be installed on overhead rails. The mixing heads themselves are easy to position and are controlled using the operating station for automatic pouring. The mixture can be poured into the open or closed mold.