Refrigerator Cabinet

KraussMaffei offers a choice of technologies for cabinet foaming fixtures. KraussMaffei can supply fixtures ranging from standard versions to three different Quick Model Change designs to adapt them to your specific production and process requirements. Therefore, you benefit from a high degree of reproducibility and accurate mold positioning. They can also be changed quickly. The system's quiet operation is another advantage.

Your benefits:

  • High degree of process reproducibility
  • Accurate mold positioning
  • Precise and quick opening and closing movements

KraussMaffei's so-called "Quick Model Change" fixtures are available in three versions—RotoCore, RollerCore and TransferCore. Opening and closing movements are precise and quick for all versions. The rugged fixture construction extends the service life and increases reliability. The maintenance costs are also reduced.

For the RotoCore version, two molds, each with its own compressor and top wall, are installed on two upper frame supports, positioned back-to-back, and rotate into and out of the fixture on the longitudinal axis driven via a gear box.

For RollerCore, they are instead mounted on two independent supports which are able to rotate independently. The rolling movements occur via two independent gear boxes. The advantages of this design include easy access from the platform to the fixture and access to both molds for maintenance purposes.

In the TransferCore version, mold changes are carried out by means of a double shuttle which runs along the platform, in front of the line of cabinet fixtures. A hook device, driven by an electric motor, moves the current mold out of the fixture onto the shuttle and replaces it with the new mold from the shuttle.