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ISL Chemie for Colors

For more than 35 years ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG has been dealing with color pastes and specialty paints for the coloring and coating of plastics. iSL is one of the leading suppliers of color products and the services related for thermosetting plastic applications, especially polyurethanes. 

PU-color pastes and PU-paints of ISL are special adaptations to the requirements of different PU-systems. Our product range is as diversified as your applications. The ISL product ranges comprises single- and multiple pigment color pastes, as well as solvent-containing and water based specialty paints. 

Moreover, ISL offers additives for polyurethanes, for example stabiliser blends for the prevention of the so-called scorching and yellowing effects in polyurethane slabstocks.

    • Pigments
    • In Mould Coatings
    • Solvent based speciality paints
    • Water based speciality paints