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Acmos for Release Agents

ACMOS CHEMIE KG is the global leader in supplying release agents for the molded flexible, visco-elastic, and high-resiliency (HR) MDI, TDI, and TDI/MDI polyurethane systems for low- to high-density automotive and non-automotive foam markets. 

Acmos Chemie release agents provide excellent release ease, superior part finish, extremely low buildup, and process robustness over a wide molding temperature range. Product offerings also include release agents that reduce the noise inside the automobile (anti-squeak), give controlled open or closed surfaces, and provide surfaces for post-molding bonding to the molded part. To complete a full range of products, Acmos Chemie mold prep/conditioner paste waxes are available to further increase productivity and reduce downtime.

  • Flexible Moulded Foam
  • Integral Skin
  • Footwear
  • Sound Insulation
  • Rigid Foam / Insulation
  • Cast PU
  • Energy Absorbing Foams
  • Windows Encapsulation
  • Rubber crumb tiles etc.